[ Physical vs. Digital ]

Posted on August 6th, 2010 at 10:40am

I’ve been working a lot on illustrations for Adopted the Comic a hell of a lot over the past two weeks. I bought a graphic tablet a number of months ago and finally getting to grips with it almost to the point where I can sketch/draw on it like on paper.

I’ve always loved the digital aspect of my artwork…. but there is a part of me that misses the physical aspect of art. I’ve been getting my head around the idea that if you do work purely digitally at may have a number of saved states and copies … Can you truly have a digital original? I miss being able to hold an original in my hands.

I than start to think about it from a practical working view point. As a working artist (photography, video, illustrator & designer) can i really afford to not use my computer? When i’m working on illustrations it is extremely awesome to skip out the scanning stage and there are things I can do on the computer that I couldn’t do when drawing on paper. The fact is that digital doesn’t take up that much room.

When I was in school I was so desperate to learn how to use computers and creative programs, especially I was keen to learn animation (sadly the animation thing never panned out, but hey there is still time =P). My frustration just lead me to learn it for myself and I am mainly self taught. So it makes me laugh that 10 years down the line I’m now having urges to go old school arts.

So as much as I love digital technologies i miss the simple, real and messy feeling of building, and making with my hands.

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