[ Design, Branding & Logos (Archived) ]

This is an archived page. Here is example of some of the design work that I have done prior to 2013. I no longer do design work. Click the images to enlarge.

Kawee Publishing Logo (2013)

  • Logo Design

I helped design this logo as part of my [Illustration] work for the book “Learn Thai – Through Stories, Grammar & Exercises” by Karine Jones.

Hong Kong Adoptees Network (HKAN) Logo (2012)

  • Logo Design
  • Branding Development
  • Website with multiple micro sites support

As a HKAN member myself, I have seen the group grow quickly with great success  However I saw a need to help the group transition between a casual group of people that meet up to the more focused group they wanted (with an international reach in the future). I helped brand them with a website, logo and helped develop the groups new identity.

Site: www.hkadopteesnetwork.com

 Dr. Amanda Baden Logo (2012)

  • Logo Design
  • Business card design

I helped design a logo and developing Amanda’s banding. “Her experiences both personally and professionally have lead her to focus her research and clinical practice on adoption triad members, transracial/international adoption issues, racial and cultural identity, and multicultural counseling competence. Dr. Baden has written extensively on adoption issues…”

MDH Adoption Parenting Logo (2012)

  • Logo Design 

MDH Adoption Parenting aims to “Cultivating Adoption Parenting Together” through workshops & support in Ireland.

Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI) – Redesigned (2011)

  • Redesign logo & website
  • Community Group 

Adopted Vietnamese International (AVI) is a community adoptee lead website & network. It aims to explore, connect and promote Vietnamese adoptee voices.

The AVI founder was looking to reboot and streamline the vast original 2000 website and logo. I redesigned, organised & consolidated down the original site into 150 pages and 100 news posts. The website was designed as a CMS allowing the AVI founder (and other users) to manage and add content to the website. I tried to stay true to the original minimilast design.

Site: www.adoptedvietnamese.org

Chinese Adult Adoptee Worldwide Reunion (CAAWR) – Branding (2010)

  • Logo, Branding, Website & printed materials
  • Community Group

I was part of the CAAWR committee from 2009-2011, I completely branded and designed most aspects of the community group. I produced the website & logo under an extremely tight deadline.

Site: www.hkadopteesnetwork.com/about-hkan/caawr-where-it-started/

Temporal Dynamics of Language – Logo (2010)

  • Logo
  • Research Group 

This logo was designed to support funding applications for the possible research group Temporal Dynamics of Language, which would be part of University Konstanz, Germany. The group would be a calibration of linguists, computer scientists and psychologists. They would be looking at the stability and instability of language through time.

I was asked to represent all of the above plus the name & group number in a single logo which was a challenge. The curves where taken from physics diagrams of the stability & unstable of balls. The lines and arrows represented a time line. The icons simply represented langauge and psychology. I wish them the best in their funding bids.

Site: http://cms.uni-konstanz.de/ling/crc949/

Anh Ðào Kolbe (ADK) – Logo (2009)

  • Logo
  • Photographer

A fellow photographer was looking for a logo, mainly to watermark her photos. I developed a logo playing on the line in the “D” in her name. This was the designed she liked the most. The example on the left shows the 3 different sizes I made, as often you need to use logos in different ways depending on the situation.

Site: www.adkfoto.com

ICT Workshop Solutions – Logo (2009)

  • Logo
  • Small Busniess 

ICT Workshop Solutions is a small family run vehicle diagnostic & air conditioning training business. I created their logo and their first business cards. The logo has influenced the look of their whole company and has been used throughout the company from jackets, the website and even the side of their vans.

Site: www.ictworkshopsolutions.com

Adopted the Comic – Logo (2009 updated 2011)

  • Logo, Branding & Website
  • Creative Project 

This was the online comic that I created and work on with another adoptee. I developed, and continue to do all the design and branding for.

Site: www.adoptedthecomic.com

 Transcultural Adoptee Films (TAF) – Poster (2009)

  • Poster
  • Community Organization

Transcultural Adoptee Films (TAF) Initiative (formally Touring Trans-cultural Adoptee Films) encourages adoption voices through film. This was a simple poster I created for them, as one of my films was part of the 2009 film event.

Site: www.adopteefilms.info

Jessica Emmett – Branding (2007)

  • All design and Branding
  • Freelance Artist

I’ve been a freelance artist since 2006. I have had to design and brand every aspect of my business. I designed and implemented this website. As my business develops, I often update and refresh the design.

I thought it would be interesting to show a progression of the development of my own logo. in the examples above.

 Site: www.jessica-emmett.com