[ Illustration ]


I am most known for my digitally cute cartoon/comic or intricate ink work. Designer toys are my focus at the moment but illustration will still be a staple in my practice.

Creatures & Fantasy 

Creatures are a current area of interest for me. I have especially enjoyed the Texture Monster series taking inspiration from the juxtaposition of plants and urban spaces.


Competitions & Awards

People & Portraits

Occasionally I take on portrait commissions. Thanks to the people that allowed me to share.

Thought Provoking

While drawing cute things is great, the contemporary artist in me still seeks meaning and commentary. Normally a comic will suffice, but occasionally I need to do a meaningful illustration.


Here you can see some of my latest work and WIPs (work in progress). I also announce when small or designer toy commissions slots are up. Clicking images in this small section takes you to Instagram.


Mad Scientist Cat (2016 – Current)

Mad Scientist Cat is an occasional web comic that I collaborated on with my husband who is an academic researcher and neuroscientist. You can read the comic here: Mad Scientist Cat

Geeky Adoptee (2012 – Current)

I started Geek Adoptee (formally Stray Thoughts Comics) as a previous online comic collaboration project, Adopted the Comic, came to an end. I was keen to start a new solo comic were I could explore different subject matters.  It is a great way to try new ideas and techniques. This is an on going very very occasional project.

You can see all the comics here: http://www.geekyadoptee.com

Learn Thai books 1 & 2 – Illustrations, Design & Typesetting (2011 – 2013 & 2014)

I illustrated the education book “Learn Thai – Through Stories, Grammar & Exercises” books 1 & 2 by Thai adoptive mum Karine Jones (Kawee Publishing) who is the creator/writer. Karine has self published both books and so I ended up developing the main characters, drawing all imagery in the books as well as designing and typesetting the whole them all ready for a commercial printer along with designing the publishing [Logo] and audio CD labels. This perfectly brought together my Adobe Creative Suite skills into one project.

Book 1 & 2 and page samples are available from the publishers: kaweepublishing.com
See my blog posts about the books here:
[Learn Thai – Book 1 – by Karine Jones illustrated by Jessica Emmett]
[Learn Thai – Book 2 finally published!]

Archery  Beginners Recurve Diagrams (2014)

Recurve Extended Terminology Diagram (2014)In 2014 I released a number of archery diagrams free for personal & noncommercial use. They are now widely used diagrams globally. A huge thanks to the archery community for their supportive and heart warming feedback.

You can see and download the original diagrams from my original blog post [Archery Beginners Recurve Diagrams].

Adopted the Comic (2009 – 2013)

This is the project that led me into illustration and where I developed my style. I created it initially for a fun community project and I was joined by the writer Bert Ballard. To my surprise, it was embarrassed by the adoption community and continues to be an important resource despite it’s short run. The comics have been used for a variety of reasons including adoption training/teaching programs, magazines and even as part of a film’s publicity (in this case for Somewhere Between film documentary about Chinese Adopted teens).

You can see all the comics at www.adoptedthecomic.com