[ Video Art ]

I have always felt that my videos are just an extension of my photography work and is usually a conduit to my performances. I no longer do contemporary or video work as I’m currently focused on my [Designer Toys] but I do love putting my video skills to other uses especially making work in progress videos.

It may take a few seconds for the videos to load. If you have any problems viewing any of the videos please do not hesitate to [Contact] me.

Row Your Boat (2007)

Length: 1:55

I believe that adoption is a continuing conversation about what a family is. My hope from the video is to get people to think about the moral, political, historical and other complex implications that can be attached to transracial/inter-country adoption and how that plays a part to an adoptee like myself.

I originally made this video for the Exodus Shorts Film Festival.

My Life in the News (2006)

Length: 5:08

I made this video to enter into the NOISE Festival 06-08 My Life in the News competition. They asked people to use old archive footage supplied by the BBC Creative Archive and remix it into a more personal lived experience. From the many clips I found footage of Vietnamese refugee boat people & the Hong Kong over which I have a personal connection with.

I was honored to win a day of work experience at the BBC London. It was also specially arranged to have some of that time working in the BBC Vietnamese department.

Candles – clip (2006)

Length: 2:43

For adoptees, birthdays can be a time of great contemplation, a tension between celebration and loss.

This is only a sample of a much longer piece spanning 24 birthdays (as I was 24 at the time of making this film).

Her Mother’s Daughter – aka Hands (2007)

Length: 10:34

As an adopted person, I’m am interested in the relationships between adoptive parent and adoptee. This is a sketch book piece where I was testing a quick idea looking at the simple act of holding hands with a parent. I am holding the hand of my (adoptive) mum.

This turned out, unintentionally, a little too theatrical and low quality, but I hope to re-visit this piece in the future with many adoptive pairs in a more natural way.