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Announcement! Due to circumstances outside of my control, I closed my business down in Oct 2022 until further notice! Basically I can’t work on projects where I take payment. I will continue to work on personal projects, voluntarily or where my share goes to charity. I am picky about the projects I agree to and currently am focusing on my own personal projects. Any pieces that become available I announce on Instagram. I do not take on private commissions or customs unless in expectational circumstances. Thank you for your understand. Before contact me, please do check out the FAQ below where I answer most common questions.

To read more about why I closed my business please see my IG posts here:

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  • Are you leaving toys/art?

I am NOT leaving toys/art, rather that I’m adapting to a situation beyond my control. I will continue to do art in the capacity I am able as art is where my heart is. I will look into legitimate options and hope you are able to still follow my art journey on social https://linktr.ee/jessica_emmett

  • Availability?

As of of Oct 2022, until further notice I will no longer be taking on paid work. I will instead focus on personal/community projects and projects/collabs where my share will go to charity. So I will consider choice charity/community projects =). I still have a busy schedule and that is the biggest factor in my decision making process so letting me know as far in advanced is recommended. But do know that I have stepped back from most 3rd party projects in 2024 unorder to get myself back on track after a few difficult years

  • Where to buy?

Due to my circumstance the truth is, I am doing very few releases per year at the moment for actual sale. I am currently only working with 3rd parties that can help facilitate taking payments who will then send donations to charities for me so I am not taking any money myself. This currently is the only way I’m able to even make any work available. Trust me, it’s not ideal for me either. It is also difficult to financially justify doing releases when I know I’m not even able to make back even material costs. So yes, unfortunately I have extremally limited works available at the moment. I am mainly using this time to learn new skills and work on my own personal projects. I hope that this is only a temporary situation. Knowing people continue to support my art journey even when they can’t buy my work keeps me motivated so thank your understanding.

  • Custom shows?

I announced in late 2023 that I would be stepping back from custom shows to try and recuperate after a difficult few years. While I’ve not taken them completely off the table completely, currently I’m very likely I’ll say no to them. You can see a post I wrote about it here on IG:

  • Solo/group shows & Collaborations?

While I’m defiantly stepping back from custom shows, I’m still open to the idea of solo/group shows where I can make my own work or meaningful collabs s. However I likely will not entertain any until late 2024 or 2025 as I really do need some time to get my mental health back on track.

But yes, I’m open to them. Anyone wishing to work with me would have to understand the limitations of my current career situations with my business being closed and any shares of mine needing to go to charity (unless I’m about to regain the business). I also am VERY picky about the projects I work on & the people I work with. At minimum I’ll not entertain working on art that infringes copyright/IP less with official permission or that depict discrimination, violence etc… I think you get the picture. Think PG13 lolz. It’s always best to see the kind of work I’ve already done to see if we might be a good fit: [Designer Toys] [3D] [Illustration]

  • Private commissions/customs?

People contact me a lot about privet commissions and customs. Even before the closure of my business, for a long time I have not offered private commissions or customs unless in exceptional circumstances. This is because creatively I vastly enjoy working on my own projects with a more retail model over private works for others. While I never fully take it off the table, do know the chance is extremally low if you contact me about one.

Until further notice my eShop will be closed. Any charity projects I take on will likely be through 3rd parties. I always announce on Instagram of any releases or drops!

  • Do you make toys for others?

I often get asked if I’m open to making art toys for others as a service. Unfortunately I don’t offer molding, casting, 3D sculpting or 3D printings services to others unless I am directly collaborating on a project.

  • Release notifications?

I’m so sorry I’m not able to contact people individually to notify them about upcoming releases or reserve pieces. I update on Instagram about upcoming releases and the buying mechanisms. Please do keep an eye out for posts.