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Announcement! Due to circumstances outside of my control, I will be closing my business down until further notice! Basically I can’t take work on projects where i take payment. I will continue to work on personal projects/charity projects. Like before, I only consider a few toy custom shows or collaborations each year but might be a little more picky if I do them for charity. Thank you for your understand. To read more about this please see my IG posts here:

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  • Are you leaving toys/art?

I am NOT leaving toys/art, rather that I’m adapting to a situation beyond my control. I will continue to do art in the capacity I am able as art is where my heart is. I will look into legitimate options and hope you are able to still follow my art journey on social https://linktr.ee/jessica_emmett

  • Availability?

As of of Oct 2022, until further notice I will no longer be taking on paid work. I will instead focus on personal/community projects and projects/collabs where my share will go to charity. So I will consider choice charity/community projects =). I still have a busy schedule and that is the biggest factor in my decision making process so let me know as far in advanced is recommended.

Until further notice my eShop will be closed. Any charity projects I take on will likely be through 3rd parties. I always announce on Instagram of any releases or drops!

  • Do you make toys for others?

I often get asked if I’m open to making art toys for others as a service. Unfortunately I don’t offer molding, casting, 3D sculpting or 3D printings services to others unless I am directly collaborating on a project.