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Please note that designer toys are my main focus currently so take on fewer illustration projects, so please do contact me well in advance. If you’re interested in working with me or just want to get in touch about any aspect of my work, please do not hesitate to contact me:




  • Availability?

As of 2019 I will be taking on less illustration work to focus on my designer toys & events. If you are looking for commissioned illustrations or design toys it’s vital to contact me well in advanced of when you need to see if it’s something i can fit into my schedule.

  • Custom designer toys?

I love making designer toys, however I mainly sell at shows/stalls. I do take custom requests occasionally, but as I tend to do them in batches I will normally announce on social media when I open for custom toy slots. Due to the hand crafted nature they can take approx 2-3 months.

Some items I sell on my Big Cartel web shop. I do also take direct sells if you prefer via email or social. I normally use Paypal (with more options if buyers are based in Singapore).

  • How much do you charge cos commissions/customs?

I’m sorry to be so vage, as each project is different, so to better help supply a quote, it is important that I’am given as much information about the project. E.g. Volume of work, which of my works you like the style of, deadline, budget, what will the work be used for, is it a person or commercial piece… etc. I usually work on a fixed complete rate once I’ve calculated the time.

  • How long will it take?

Custom art takes time to produce so to avoid disappointment please do let me know in as far as advance as possible. Again every project is different and requires different levels of detail. Once I hear a brief its much easier to give a more accurate estimated timeline. For long projects, booking a block of time maybe necessary. Below I have made a diagram showing the steps of a typical digital illustration project from planning to making to completing, but the process is similar to traditional art & designer toys.

Jess Art Process (2016)

  • Do you do vector?

The short answer is no. I tend to use traditional mediums on paper or digital raster (pixel) art programs hand drawing with a stylus to achieve my aesthetic. This is why it is important to establish the size of the final piece if printed. Occasionally I need to utilize vector for design like logos or for specific print products but in general I hand draw.  I apologize for any inconvenience.