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These days I mainly focus on [Designer Toy] projects. For many years I have not taken on private commissions/customs unless in exceptional circumstances. At the moment I only consider a few toy custom shows or collaborations each year. Information for toy & art releases/drops are first announced on Instagram. I have answered some common questions I get below, but feel free to contact me if you have questions =)

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  • Availability?

As of 2019 I focus on my designer toys/pop culture projects & events. I no longer take on design commissions and don’t tend to take on private commissions/customs unless in exceptional circumstances. I only take on a very small number of toy customs shows each year. As I have quite a busy schedule letting me know as far in advance is best and prefer 3+ month notice especially if it is international to take into consideration delivery times. Not being able to fit a project into my schedule is my number reason I may turn down a project. But you never know =)

  • Private commissions/custom designer toys?

I love making designer toys, however I mainly sell at shows & events. So I don’t not normally take on private commissions/customs unless in exceptional circumstances. I still take on a hand full of custom shows each year and will consider collaborations… however it’s more likely if the project is inline with my own creative goals and brand. Maybe in the future I’ll be able to open up slots, but for now it’s not likely.

It’s true I have a eShop that i mostly used using the pandemic. I only add items to my eShop rarely and they often sell quickly so don’t be surprised if you find it empty most of the time. I often work with other shops or events both locally and internationally and now the world is opening up again I will likely have less and less drops on my own eShop in favor of others shops & events. So it’s best to follow me on Instagram where I announce releases, how & where to buy them.

  • Do you make toys for others?

I often get asked if I’m open to making art toys for others and unfortunately I don’t offer molding or casting services to other. Molding & casting is very time consuming which is why I only do it for projects I’m directly involved with.