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Jessica Emmett - Watercolour (2016)

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Shy Panda Charm (2014)

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Jess Contact (cropped) (2014)


I’m a UK freelance illustrator based in Singapore.

I have been a freelance artist for 11 years. I studied and started in photography & film until I discovered a love for illustration in 2010. I committed to it full time in 2013.

Find out more about my artist background on the [About Jess] page.

I work both digitally and traditionally in ink/watercolour with a comic/cartoon style.

I am inspired by cuteness but driven by creative exploration. My style lends itself to comics and children’s illustration. However I have worked  on all kinds of interesting projects included online comics, bespoke personal pieces, film promotion, magazine spreads, children’s education books, t-shirt design and even academic research image abstracts. I welcome inquires on the [Contact] page.

Archived Transracial Adoption Art

My previous work was informed by my connection to adoption as I am a Hong Kong/Vietnamese adoptee. While I moved away from adoption as the main subject of my work, I have left much of my previous work on my site, archived, as a resource for people in the community. You can read more about [My Adoption Story].

I hope that you enjoy the work that I have shared with you =).


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