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JE Collection Set (2022) - 1of1 - Designer toy - all my toys from 2017-2021
JE Collection Set (2022) – 1of1 – Designer toy – all my toys from 2017-2021

I completed my first resin design toy (unicorn) in 2017 and I’ve be making cute creatures since! I went full time toys in 2019 but still do [Illustration] as it is the root of my practice. Most of my work is hand cast or 3D printed by me in resin in very small numbers. I occasionally do production collaborations and customs with others. Up coming toy drops & events are announced on Instagram so this page is more a record of past toys which I only update occasionally. As my focus is on my own work, I do not accept private toy commissions/customs unless in exceptional circumstances thanks for your understanding. Please note, for consistency, in some cases I use the year a piece was made rather than their release date which effects a handful of the pieces… if in doubt please do ask me.

Design Toys


So far in 2024 I’ve had limited releases due to moving home. I hope to work on more personal projects in the second half of the year. Any items sold my share continues to go to charity.


2023 was a challenging year as I readjust to my business closing in Oct 2022 (for details please see IG Important Announcement!) and recovering from double knee surgery. Any work in 2023 was voluntary or my shares for charity. 2023 despite the struggle, gave me a great chance to work on personal projects and practice 3D printing which has transformed my practice.


2022 I had my first toy solo/custom exhibition Show Your Eemo at BLAXK gallery (by ActionCity), Singapore (click here to jump down to Events section below to see more pics). I also released of my first production collabs 6″ & 3″ Eemo Cloud ActionCity (BLAXK) x JE. I was able to put my digital [3D] skills through it’s paces with Texture Monster Break and Spider Bear which I could never have achieved by hand!


I was the Copic Awards – Craft Award selected by Too Corporation Americas winner with my Oxenlox – (Un)locked Potential piece. Oxenlox was launched which was my first toy I used my newly found 3D skills. I spent a lot of 2021 teaching myself [3D] sculpting to aid my future toy projects.


2020 was rough for so many of us and I injected those emotions into my work. I started to give deep personal meaning to my toy characters lunching Eemo Cloud (the depressed but hopeful raincloud) which took on more meaning as the pandemic progressed. I also Created Kattessy (the cat panda hybrid fused by love), Knotanxi (the anxious but brave bunny) & Trisheepi (the complex sheep). I also developed an ink & watercolour technique on 3d works that I have become known for on customs & one off pieces.


In 2019 I went fulltime toys. Not only did I start to diversify my stable of characters by adding Draffi & Lleafi, I also started to take part in customs shows/events as well as attending my first international toy show as an invited designer at ToyCon PH. The aim from this point on was to close the gap between my 3D and 2D work.


I continued learning how to cast in 2018. Merlion & Manticore characters were added to my slate. I was still part-time toys at this point


I learnt to make resin toys starting with a unicorn (model A) design. I then refined the unicorn (model B) design that was more cast friendly and now have phased out the old version. It was a passing curiosity in parallel to my other art activities, little did I know this would take over my life a few years later!

Designer Toys Freelance Work

For many years I have rarely taken on freelance work as I focus on my own projects now. But here are some of the rare toy related freelance projects I have done


Events, Talks & Interviews

Here is a selection of some of the events, talks & interviews I’ve lucky enough to be part of. I really enjoying sharing my knowledge and really especially appreciate the few times I’ve been invited to talk with students




Show Your Eemo – March 2022 I had my debate toy solo/custom exhibition “Show Your Eemo” at BLAXK gallery (by ActionCity), Singapore. I’m very thankful to ActionCity, all the customs artists, all the people that took the time to share, visit & buy artworks, thank you! See a full video walkthrough of the show here on Instagram