[ National Adoption Week Film Competition – Sliver Winner ]

Posted on November 2nd, 2011 at 11:37pm

Every year the British Association of Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) run National Adoption Week (NAW) on November. Every year I’ve always wanted to be involved it in some how, but never figured out how to do so. When I found out that they would be running a short film competition for the first time on their Facebook page I jumped at the chance especially as I’m someone that always has advocated adoption expression through creative means.

The brief was to the make a 2min film about “what adoption means to you”. That actually was a tough one to answer for me adoption is all I’ve know, a family, love, a whole and balanced life with all it’s ups and downs and pain and laughter, how do you possible sum up “life” in 2 mins? With the support of my parents and sister I have been able to explore the really hard questions about adoption in a safe space… which is why in the end I decided to entry a video I’d made a few years ago, Row Your Boat, which I feel really does ask those hard questions about war, diaspora, hope & even the morality of adoption itself. You can watch it on my [Video Art] page.

I was completely chuffed when I found out that I was one of 6 short listed film entries. Last night was the National Adoption Week film competition awards ceremony in London. I have to admit I was really nervous, not cos I was thinking about weather I’d place, but that I would be in a room for of people involved with BAAF which is an organisation I’ve had such great respect for since I heard about them so many years ago. I don’t know why I was so nervous because it was a warm, overwhelming and touching night and I was so touched to meet so many lovely people, including BAAF staff, investors/supporters, adoption champions/partons and especially the fellow film makers. I wished there been more time to talk to everyone, but hope that I will in the future.

I have been an artist since 2000 and been working on adoption art since 2003. So to find out that I was the Silver Winner of the first NAW 2011 Film competition has been one of my proudest moments, and what a way to support transracial adoption, adoptee voices AND National Adoption week! =D

There was a great variety of  the great short listed films and you can see the entries here:

Here is the BAAF blog page about last nights National Adoption Week film competition awards ceremony:


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