[ Counting down the days. ]

Posted on October 27th, 2008 at 3:03pm

So there are only 4 days between me and being in Hong Kong. I’m so excited yet apprehensive cos I know HK will have changed after 10 years… but I cant help it =P. My suitcase is packed to capacity and I’m nearly ready.

This trip seems to mark a milestone in my life… not just a journey back to my past… cos when I get back to the UK I will quickly be moving down to Oxford way from my beloved Manchester to follow my husbond’s job that he reasently got. It’s indeed sad to be moving since it has actually taken my these whole 10 years to feel turely settled in the UK since I moved here 10 years ago… and I find that peace in Manchester (well if you can call mancster peaceful =P). But I am ready to move on to Oxford and see what life brings =). So as I reflect back on my Hong Kong life, I also view my UK life… it will be the first time I have lived so far away from my parents…. they tell me it’s all part of growing up =P. It also makes me think about why my parents lived in Hong Kong… they too must have moved so far away from family and friends.

I still find it a little difficalt to define where “home” is for me… it’s just as hard for me to define “where I’m from”… I guess I think more like “currently based in..”. The more I think about it, the more I feel that I am a person of the world… with the Internet worlds dont feel as far apart. I’m just waiting for somone to invtent transporter beams then it would be even closer =P.

The year I left hong kong a film came out called Armageddon… the cover song pretty much summed up the ending of my love affire with Hong Kong… cos I truly loved that city – Leaving on a Jetplan (cover) by Sheryl Crow.

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