[ Idea a Day 10 – Panda, Girl & Fireflies ]

Posted on August 16th, 2013 at 11:06pm

So this i the last “Idea a Day” challenge. I originally start this just to see if i could come up some ideas and regain some focus… but I have discovered way more than I expected.

- I got a sense of my illustration style and that doesn’t mean that I have to just draw in one technique or subject every time.
- I learnt a lot about my limitations and expectation which isn’t a bad thing.
- I have learnt a great deal about how to come up with ideas when you’re stuck or having a block… usually in form taking a quick walk outside or removing myself from my workspace… most of all being open to taking inspiration from everything.
- I’ve rediscovered good old paper and led… to a point that I bought a new scanner this morning to replace my 10 year old one. =P Still not a fan of cleaning up scanned images, but surprised at myself who normally solely works digitally could want to work on paper again!
- I have experimented with a lot of new ways and technicians.
- AND i have loads of new ideas floating around in my head that I feel I could go on to develop.

So here is my last Idea a Day illustration, I wanted to start where I begin so revisited the panda and girl characters. It was sketched on paper using a HB pencil, scanned and coloured on the computer. I hope that I do one of these challenges again in the future =). Thanks everyone that has followed me little art adventure =).

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[ Idea a Day 9 – Man Trapped in a Tree ]

Posted on August 16th, 2013 at 1:33am

Sometimes i really have to just do something serious and take a break from cute and cuddly lolz. Today again I find myself drawing on paper, i guess it’s cos it feels quiet novel again. I did colour it roughly on the computer. There was no real reason that I did this piece… i just started doodling, and i though, Oooo that looks like a branched hand… maybe if i make it a hand from someone who was tapped in a tree… and kinda just went from that small seed of an idea.

So tomorrow is the last day… wonder what I’ll do.

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[ Idea a Day 8 – Cute 3 Headed Dog sketches ]

Posted on August 14th, 2013 at 9:18pm

Yesterday sparked a lot of ideas for me. I wanted to explore one of the ideas in more detail, so I picked the three headed dog.

It’s been tough being this level of creative every day and it took me a long time to actually start drawing today. I started doodling on my tablet as i normally do, but just wasn’t feeling it. The tablet suddenly felt very small and unnatural. So for the first time in ages I decided to to draw on paper. I’ve done a painting not that long ago, but not sketches really as I’m digital. It was very liberating and refreshing. I definitely miss the undone button, but just had to use a good old eraser. There is a simple beauty and simplicity about using a pencil and that texture is really hard to replicate on the computer. Though over all i can’t stand the scanning process as you end up scanning a lot of unwanted paper texture.

Either way it was a great day of drawing. Some how i managed to get a lot more out on paper than if i’d done it on the computer. So these are the two A4 pages I did plus a photo of my workspace… my sofa and on my lap with my computer next to me is normally how i work lolz =P.

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[ Idea a Day 7 – Cute Mythical Creatures ]

Posted on August 14th, 2013 at 12:17am

There was a lot about yesterday’s drawing that I latched onto today. When a was growing up, doodling in school, i often found myself drawing fantasy art. I was discouraged by my art teachers against it as they said it was “not real art”. So now looping around, i still find myself drawn to fantasy worlds… and why not? =). But i’ve only started to marry together fantasy with my cuter illustration style…. i like the effect.

I often draw dragons, something about how cross cultural a dragon is. So today I wanted to try and draw creatures I’ve never tried before. It was harder then i thought to find mythical creatures that tend not to be humanoid or half humanoid and well known (rather than me just making it up)…. and why are horses way harder to draw than they should be hahaha!!?? I’m happy with the direction of the style and I’m really enjoying drawing creatures.

Another reason I liked the dragon sketches from yesterday is that there was a great relationship growing between the boy and dragon. I wanted to see if I could recreate that with new charters that reflect the creature. Even though these are just cute little drawings, i do put a lot of thought into it. And one of the main reasons for doing this idea a day exercises is to see if I can come away with some ideas I can start to develop, possibly into a story. I have ideas bubbling after todays task.

I put the time in today to try and have a more finished piece, so I hope that you enjoy my griffin, unicorn & three headed dog =).

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[ Idea a Day 6 – Dragon & Boy Sketches ]

Posted on August 12th, 2013 at 9:36pm

I’ve reflected deeply over the weekend on last weeks drawings. Last week I felt that i did a lot of things that were challenging and things I needed to get some practice on, but it didn’t give me much focus on my current illustration style. I started to contemplate what was successful last week and what wasn’t. For me the panda worked the best, it was cute and in my style. The rest of the drawings didn’t do getting my excitement up.

So today I felt I needed to do something that reflected my actual work style better. While it’s nice to do serious stuff, really my work works well when it’s cute. I also feel that I like drawing animals/creatures. So with that in mind I do something that is very me… a dragon. So today’s lesson is that it’s good to own you’re style and artist voice.

This is a sketch with a very quiet grey shade.

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[ Idea a Day 5 – Candy Land complete ]

Posted on August 9th, 2013 at 8:19pm

So i succumbed to colouring yesterday’s sketch, and it took me way way longer than I expected to, even though I only did a rough colour. It’s hardly surprising, i made it more difficult by drawing so much. Part of me is annoyed that I didn’t do all the line art like I normally would and colour it properly… but then I remembered that I was suppose to be doing quick pieces every day. So I had to compromise and colour it enough so I could see what I had in my mind but not spend any more time on it. So even though I didn’t get out a new drawing, i do very much feel that I’m evoked in inner child in this piece, something I hope I never lose.

Compromise in general is just another thing I’ve had to come to terms with over the years with art. It can always be better but there has to be a point that you let it go and move on to the next piece.

So I will spend the weekend reflecting on this week of ideas. My hope is to do one more week of ideas a day next week.


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[ Idea a Day 4 – Candy Land Sketch ]

Posted on August 9th, 2013 at 1:37am

I like character development and I often draw backgrounds for fun. So i thought I’d challenge myself today and do a background. Very often I find that backgrounds often taken longer than when I draw characters, probably due to the level of detail I like to have.

I ended up drawing this today. It took me ages just doing the sketch. It’s now just gone 2:30am and now realise that I’m not gonna get it coloured (even roughly) even though I’d started. Often I find that art isn’t about miracles, but a hard slog at times. Even though I’m slightly annoyed I didn’t get the colour it, I also know my limitation… so I’ll finish doing a rough colour tomorrow so hopefully it gives me time to do another idea…. we’ll see =P.

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[ Idea a Day 3 – Teen & girl sketch ]

Posted on August 7th, 2013 at 5:23pm

Sometimes it’s nice to do a simple piece and leave it in sketch form. Maybe one day I’ll go back and line & colour this. I really like character development, to give an unspoken personality and story.

Usually if i’m drawing for myself i start out with a blank page. I tend just to start making shapes on the page with no idea what I’m doing. Then suddenly something will appear in those shapes, a face normally, be that a human, monster, animal etc. From the head the rest just clicks into place. When I was younger I use to get board after just drawing the head, now I’m better at realising a whole figure =)

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[ Idea a Day 2 – Wolf Boy ]

Posted on August 6th, 2013 at 10:15pm

I wanted to explore yesterday’s idea a little more. I feel that I have a story starting to form in my head, though it would prob take a lot more time to explore a fuller story so I might try something new tomorrow. Also experimenting with backgrounds =)

I’m really liking this story a day, it’s forcing me to work quickly without the guilt of perfection. It still is some what daunting looking at a blank page but exciting to see what will appear without restriction.

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[ Idea a Day 1 – Panda Girl ]

Posted on August 5th, 2013 at 10:09pm

After feeling a bit stuck in my work, a friend suggested I try doing an idea a day. I thought it was a great idea so I’m gonna “attempt” to do a drawing a day on the week days and see where it takes me =). What better place to start than with my favourite animal. Was also feeling a bit of a super hero mode.

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