[ Learn Thai – Book 1 – by Karine Jones illustrated by Jessica Emmett ]

Posted on March 11th, 2013 at 5:52pm

I can’t believe! The book “Learn Thai – Through Stories, Grammar & Exercises – Book 1” by Karine Jones has finally been printed and went on sell! It has been a great project.

We started out the project, both having no experience of publishing a book, but armed with Karine’s language skills (I think she knows something like 3+ languages), a thai language consultent and my experiences of drawing online comics/design experiences we set out on our journey.

Karine worked away with the script while I worked on developing the character and story pages. After many months of slog, Karine decided as the book was specialist  that she would go the self publishing route. So I stepped up and took on designing and typesetting the whole book ready for the commercial printers. I also wanted to disprove the misconception that just because a book is self published does not at all mean that the quality of the book compromised.

After months of throwing ourselves into finishing the book, my copy finally arrived in February 2013! =D As someone that has a been a long digital artist I had almost forgotten the feeling of holding an object in your hands.

A lot of lesson have been learnt about the publishing process and it really has sparked some hidden inspiration in me to a point I’m looking to focus on illustration full time =).

You can now buy the book from: kaweepublishing.com
You can see more examples from the book on my [Illustration] page.


  1. Avatar Katie says:

    The book is fantastic. It’s great to see a language book that isn’t just pages of plain black and white. Everything about it has made it super simple to follow and really enjoyable to learn from.
    Any chance book 2 is on it’s way??

    • Jess Jess says:

      Hi Kaite. As it happens I’m currently working with Karine to illustrate book 2 =). I don’t know what the current plans are that Karine has for a realise date once I have finished illustrating and layout but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be out before the end of the year =), but never know, don’t want to temp fate =P.

      While I can take no credit for the writing of the book, it still means a lot to me that you visually enjoyed the books. It was important to me to give it that visual pop! =D

  2. Avatar lori says:

    this is really a whole brain way of learning…just by quickly fliping thru…i aldready know i want book2&3 &4&…..got my book 1from Asia Books in Emporium. Is there a Thai language school that uses this book? extend my gratitude to Karine for a very entertaining and colorful book!

    • Jess Jess says:

      Hi Lori. I’m so glad you like the book. I can not take any credit for the thai language system that Karine developed, it’s very enlightening to hear that it is helping you learn thai. I have passed on your kind message to Karine. I’m sorry, I don’t know much about specific thai courses, but I am sure that the Learn Thai book can be used along side pre-exiting thai language courses… or maybe try looking for courses that use romanisation resources as part of their learning. Maybe Karine will know more about it, you can contact her through the website: http://kaweepublishing.com/contact/

      Learn Thai – Book 2 is literally in it’s final stages before heading off to the printers (hopefully next week) so it will be out in the not so distance future =).

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