[ Archery Beginners Recurve Diagrams ]

Posted on September 25th, 2014 at 7:36am

So I started archery 3 years ago. I even qualified as a level 1 coach last year. Sadly due to long term health problem and lots more illustration work (though I can’t complain about work since I love it =P), I have decided to pretty much take an undetermined break from archery.

A while a go I liked the idea of illustrating a beginners booklet, but that too prob will never happen now as I just don’t have the time, but I thought it would be a massive waste to have the images I already complete gathering dust on my hard drive. As I will always love the archery community who give so much of them selves, I have decided to allow these images to be freely used for personal and non-commercial use. But please credit the work, it would be much appreciated =). I’ve even linked to print quality versions below =).

These diagrams are only a guide and to be used at your own risk, you must always consult a qualified instructor. I also can’t guarantee that they are 100% accurate but I did my best with my level 1 knowledge =P.

I hope that you find them useful.

UPDATE 2-7-2016 – After a few requests, complaints and compliments, I’ve been able to find some time to correct the spellings for the two terminology diagrams with the kind help from comments, messages, my husband and a talented Singapore archery coach Samuel Nicholas Chu (who is currently coaching the ITE Central archery team).

I have also added a few other versions of the terminology diagrams. The first is more of a blank image which I invite people to add their own text as I know every coach might have different parts of a bow they might want to point out. I also have added, conveniently, a word document that all the text can be changed, removed or added so that it can be saved to either a PDF or printed. Another reason I did this was because I’ve had a few messages over the years asking if I could translate, hopefully this gives coaches all over the world the ability to benefit… and why I suspect that the diagrams continue to be widely used! Thanks again everyone!

Link to images:

Basic Recurve Terminology Diagram (Updated July 2016) – [Web Quality] [Print Quality] [Word Doc – Editable] [Print Quality – Add your own text]
Recurve Extended Terminology Diagram (Updated July 2016) – [Web Quality] [Print Quality] [Word Doc – Editable] [Print Quality – Add your own text]
Beginners Archery – Warm up Exercises – [Web Quality] [Print Quality]
Archery Safety – Clothing – [Web Quality] [Print Quality]
Beginners Archery – Stance – [Web Quality] [Print Quality]
Beginners Archery – Nock Arrow guide – [Web Quality] [Print Quality]
Beginners Archery – Barebow & Freestyle Fingers – [Web Quality] [Print Quality]
Archery Beginners Recurve – Bow Hand – [Web Quality] [Print Quality]
Beginners Archery Recurve – Barebow & Freestyle Aim – [Web Quality] [Print Quality]


  1. Avatar Coach Sue says:

    These are very nice and I’ll be using them in my coach training classes. Thanks!

  2. Avatar Marián ANTAL coach says:

    Very nice and in very good drawing – style for kids and all , I’ll be using them in my coach training classes,too. Thanks Jessica

  3. Jess Jess says:

    Thanks Sue & Marián =). I’m glad they will be helpful to someone! =D.

  4. Avatar Fred Matthews says:

    I am a competitive archer, coach and club president. I am working on handouts for our classes. Would it be possible for you to put together some illustrations / diagrams of compound bows? About 1/3 of the kids in our classes shoot compounds.


    • Jess Jess says:

      Hi, I draw these originally for a beginners courses at my club, which was only recurve. I myself have no experience with compounds, I was only a level 1 coach so wasn’t required to teach compound especially as I favored recurve and traditional so I’d never planned to do any compound diagrams. Sharing my work for free like this is not something I do often as I’m a professional illustrator and normally would only take requests in the form of commissions.

      You never know I may in the distant future maybe attempt compound images, however right now these recurve illustrations are all i’m offering and sadly I’m not taking any more illustration work due to a big move from the UK to Singapore.

      I hope that you find my recurve images helpful at least and mange to find some resources else where for your compounders. =)

  5. Avatar Sarah says:

    I’d love to use or adapt these illustrations for a project I’m working on, but strictly speaking it is not non-commercial, though it is for a non-profit organization. Please let me know if this is an option, or if you have figured out whether you can take on new illustration commissions after your move. Thank you!

  6. Avatar Din says:

    HI, Jessica. Very informative graphics. Need your commission to use this info in my publication or during my lesson. Tq

  7. Avatar Keisha says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for making these available for people learning about archery. These are very well done! You have generously given these free of charge, and I for one, appreciate it! You are gracious and talented. God bless you in your future endeavours.

    • Jess Jess says:

      Awww thanks, that’s very kind of you to say. I’ve been genuinely suprised at the response to these diagrams and how touching it is that people have taken the time to contact me. All the best for your archery =).

  8. Avatar Bryan says:

    Hi Jess, these illustrations are wonderful, simple and very informative. With your permission I wish to add this to our local archery club website for our young and talented archers for reference, I’m not a coach myself but these illustration will help our new club coach since our veteran coach has retired. Btw, we’re non-commercial and non-profit club in the outskirts of London. Thanks and God bless.

    • Jess Jess says:

      Thank you that rrally meand a lot. I apperaite you asking permission, of course you can use them. Anyone can use them for non-commercial use =). I genuinely have been touched by the response of these diagrams and glad I can do a tiny part to give back.

  9. Avatar Randy Johnson says:

    Thank for your great works! If you dont mind, i would like to use your illustrations in my blog’s article here: http://bravehunters.com/
    Of course i will leave credit link to this post to let people know who create these wonderful works!
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Jess Jess says:

      As long as you don’t charge people for the content where my diagrams sure no problem. It’s kind that you asked even though the terms I give for these are pretty open =).

  10. Avatar Makoto says:

    Hi from Japan
    Thank you for your not only useful but beautiful illustrations!
    We Meguro Archery Association (Tokyo) is now considering to edit the slide for our beginners course slide.
    We do that for non profitable basis, 3 times a year.
    Do we use some of your beautiful and easy to understand illustration ?


  11. Avatar Korky says:

    (First picture) “Raiser”?

    • Jess Jess says:

      I’m glad you bought this up! It highlights 2 very big successes for me:

      1) I am genuinely and official dyslexic, a fact i state pretty openly on the sidebar there… however i’ll take my victory over only spelling one of the words wrong on the diagrams (and a forgivable one at that) =P and happy in the fact that my disability doesn’t stop me doing things =).

      2) As you are the first person that has told me about this tiny mistake in the 12 months since I released this diagrams, it confirms that the archery community (who are very detail orientated) think the usefulness of the diagrams outweigh the diagrams imperfections which I am very thankful for.

      However you are correct I have misspelled a word incorrectly. Had I not done these diagrams for free i may have gone to the trouble of amending them, but they come on an as is basis. You are more than welcome to amend the text yourself if you decide to use them.

  12. Avatar Patricia says:

    Hi Jessica, I’d like to use some of your work in my school curriculum. Could you please contact me concerning use.
    Thanks, great job.

    • Jess Jess says:

      Hi Patricia, please can you email me to to clarify what you were hoping to do with it. In general as I say the post, i’m happy for people to use it for “personal and non-commercial use”. In general i view education as non-commercial, but it’s about weather or not the images would be highly distributed or printed. Basically for these diagrams all i ask if people be fair about it. If you’re not sure, feel free to email me jess@jessica-emmett.com

  13. Avatar Tom Hartley says:

    Hi Jessica
    You are a goddess of generosity – these are fantastic and exactly what I was looking for to help me in my role as District Archery Coordinator for cubs and scouts in my area. These beautiful images will help me get cubs (8-10) and scouts (10-14) from having enough of a go to know they like it (which is usually all I aim for at the moment) to actually having a decent handle on some of the fundamentals that will get them on the path to accurate shooting and decent scores

    Thanks Jessica

    AKA Bagheera, 28th Cambridge Cubs and District Archery Coordinator

    • Jess Jess says:

      Even though I never finished illustrating a full shot cycle, it really does mean a lot to me to get feedback from the global community about how it has helped. It makes my decision to release the images worth it.

  14. Avatar greg says:

    Been a coach for may years shooting mainly longbow and recurve preferring instinctive shooting. You seem to have a lot of string nocks I use one with the arrow below the string nock. many of these diagrams are very similar to others that have been published for years

    • Jess Jess says:

      Thanks for taking the time to replay. It’s always interesting to hear from other coaches.

      These diagrams were originally were meant to compliment UK beginners courses (in my club) for target archery under Archery GB guidelines. That meant teaching BASIC freestyle & barebow techniques on bog standard recurve take down bows… I thought was pretty obvious from the collection. It was not my aim to illustrate the vast traditional techniques out there even though I myself have always enjoyed traditional.

      Most beginners target recurve archer courses I’ve heard of teach beginners with 2 nocks as it is just one less thing for the new archer to worry about. However you are correct that shooting with one nock is also fine and widely used in traditional, it is a personal choice or depends on shooting style… but again UK beginners courses are mostly taught with 2. I am confused why you say I have “a lot” of nocks, 2 is not that a lot, if anything 2 nocks is standard in target archery.

      You are also correct that my diagrams cover topics other published diagrams do I wasn’t trying to teach a new way of shooting =P lolz. But here is the important difference: My diagrams give the archery community the ability to legally use these images for a huge range of uses (personal & non-commercial) without having to break copyright of other published commercial works. Free to use archery diagrams are far and few between and I think that is why I’ve had surprisingly fantastic response to these images and in general people have been really respectful over my copyright and fair use which I greatly appreciate. I’m sorry that you feel that my diagrams aren’t necessary you don’t have to use them =P lolz

      However I do think I do bring at least one thing to the table. I am most proud of my Bow Hand diagram, as I struggled to find clear well explained images of the bow hand even in published books for beginners/intermediates. The diagram I made is how I personally explained the basic recurve bow hand to my beginners.

      I’d also like to think that people like my clean, fun and modern illustration style since that’s my profession =).

  15. Avatar mike says:

    Hi Jessica,

    These are great illustrations, I do a lot of have-a-go archery and these will give the kids something to think about while they are waiting for their turn on the line.

  16. Avatar Massimo POSARINI says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I’m a club president here in Italy and I’ve published your good archery work on our FB page, introducing you to Italian traditional archers meanwhile giving you the due credit for your work.
    thank you for sharing

  17. Avatar Peter Ortmueller says:

    Hi Jess
    I would like to use these on my Club’s web site. They good illustrations and quite clear to understand. I have being doing archery for 20+yrs, and this sort of material for coaching is hard to find. Thanks for taking time and making these for all to share. It’s a great contribution for new comers to archery. I am a club president and instructor.
    Here is our web site: http://www.greenougharchery.com

    • Jess Jess says:

      Thanks so much =D! Exactly why I draw these images because I really struggled to find resources as a couch as well! While there are lots of great books out there, taking a book to a range/field isn’t always good for teaching or (club) websites =)

  18. Avatar kyoukoku says:

    Hi Jess,

    These are really great diagram, but I’m just correcting a couple of the spelling mistakes in Photoshop and was wondering if you could please tell me which font you used for the text of the label “Horisontal lock” on the Recurve Extended Terminology Diagram?

    I’ve corrected the other spelling mistakes just by doing a cut & paste on the offending letters and nudging them into their correct place, but as you’ve not used the letter “z” anywhere else I was hoping to get the name of the font you used so I can make a perfect substitution and correct it to “Horizontal”.

    I’ll send you the corrected files once I’m done so that you can simply swap them into place with the old ones on your webserver and others will not have to worry about incorrect spellings when they use the files themselves.


    • Jess Jess says:

      Hi Kyoukoku,
      I know the spelling issue has been brought up before. I’m very dyslexic, even after double checking the words online, some still slipped through the net and I just hadn’t got around to changing them yet. I had been recently thinking about correcting the diagrams so you have good timing =). Since you have been kind, fair and considerate, which is not always how I get treated as a dyslexic person… I would be happy to change the diagrams directly in my original files. If you email ( jess@jessica-emmett.com ) or leave a comment here of the words that need correcting I’ll change them =).

  19. Avatar Singh says:

    Gud wrk…

  20. Avatar Rainer says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I like your archery illustrations very much and would like to use them in beginners courses. Unfortunatly the language in Germany is german. Would it be possible for you to translate the Textes, if I send you the German translations?

    By the way, it would be perfect, if you could draw two more graphics.:-)
    One from the front view on the archer, after lifting the bow. (Low bow shoulder, all hands, ellbows and arrow nearly in line.)
    The second one with the top view on the Archer. One before full draw, one after anchoring. (Show straight bowarm, head angle, way of the drawing ellbow rotating around the draw-shoulder.)
    I would help you as good as I can, if you illustrate these graphics. I am level3 archery instructor and shooting my whole life.


    • Jess Jess says:

      Hi Rainer. I’m glad you find the archery diagrams useful. Unfortunately i don’t have much time to work on more of the shoot cycle images, maybe one day but not in the near future. However I have planned to release image only version of the bow terminology diagrams so that people can add their own text especially for people in other language… hopefully in the next month I will do that =). I hope that at least helps you a little.

  21. Avatar Toni says:

    Really nice illustrations I will show them to my son which is full on into archery now. Thanks again for shearing all this with us.

  22. Avatar Azhar says:

    Jessica, your diagrams are great! I have a blog about archery and I’m asking your permission to use them. Its a local language blog (indonesian) and its not for commercial use. I made the blog to help my fellow indonesian who wants to learn archery but have a problem understanding english.

    • Jess Jess says:

      Yes of course u can. I completely understand how difficult it must be to find archery resources in some languages. I really respect what u are doing. Keep up the good work with your blog =)

  23. Avatar Mike says:

    Just come across your Archery drawings, thank you for doing and letting others use. I’m in first year as a L1 AGB coach and think these will be useful

  24. Avatar Gary says:

    Jessica I love your Archery Drawing. We like them so much that We will be using these in our archery classes also.
    Thank You

  25. Avatar Joel says:

    Thanks so much! This is the most useful collection of archery illustrations I have ever seen. Thank you especially for the blank diagrams, as I need to point out certain items to my staff. You are awesome!

    • Jess Jess says:

      Awww thanks very kind. I’m glad you’f finding them helpful despite the “collection” not really having a full shot cycle =).

  26. Avatar Peter Boersken says:

    Great illustration, easy to understand. Thank you very much for this successful work.
    Greetings from Germany

  27. Avatar jon says:

    I think these are great illustrations – I especially like the clothing, warmup and hand position diagrams. Thanks for sharing – I’ll be including these with some handouts for our next set of beginner courses here at Redruth archers

  28. Avatar David says:

    Outstanding illustrations and downloads. It is especially good when the artist is not only familiar with illustrating but also familiar with the discipline (archery) that she is illustrating. Outstanding!!! Thanks for making the downloads (especially the editable Word doc) available. Level II Archery Instructor.

  29. Avatar Nizran says:

    Hi, Jessica it’s Nizran from Malaysia, it’s very useful, I’m asking for ur permission to use your illustrations to help us teach students.

  30. Avatar Arthur Pendragon says:

    Great help for Kids and adults too. Thanks from Portugal

  31. Avatar Dortha D. Williams says:

    I’m 35 and starting to get involved with archery. This site was extremely helpful and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for taking the time to write this up! I will reference this site to anyone looking to get into archery. Have a good one!

  32. Avatar Steven Cracknell says:

    Hi Jessica,

    These illustrations are great and I have just started using them with the last beginners course I have just finished, and will be using them from now on. I will reference this site to anyone on our beginners courses.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for producing these illustrations.

    Head Coach
    Wyke Archers of Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire

    • Jess Jess says:

      Aww thanks =). Always glad I can have even a tiny role helping new people get into the sport. All the best with your courses.

  33. Avatar David Beeton says:

    Only just found your site, though I have seen some of the illustrations before – wonderful graphics and just ideal for beginner’s courses as you point out. Many, many thanks for making them available. I would like to adapt them for projection onto a screen as I teach archery in a secondary school and we cover some of the theory before going onto the range, and I may need to cut-and-shut to fit them to the slides. Good luck with your move to Singapore – wonderful place!

  34. Avatar DeAnna Puls says:

    Thank you so much for these. I will be using them with our kids beginner classes and I think they’re going to work wonderfully!

  35. Avatar Mohamed says:

    Hey Jessica,
    Thank you very much, that is so helpful :)

  36. Avatar Carl Allan says:

    Hi Jess, very nice of you to provide these, I have almost finished my Level 1 coaching course and these will come in very handy.

  37. Avatar smarchery says:

    Hi sis.. Please let me to share that all illustration on my IG account (@smarchery), your account will be tagged in.. And please let to introducing you to all my friend indonesian archer.. Thanks you so much..

  38. Avatar Ian Gardner says:

    Many thanks for the available use of the archery illustrations. I am a Level 2 Coach at Saxon Archers of Blackpool. I have just created a small booklet that can be handed to anyone interested in the club and archery. The intention being that if they are going to complete a Beginners Course with us, then all information in the booklet will be of use. To fill a couple of pages I have used the illustrated bow diagram and the stance diagram. In the near future, to expand the booklet I hope to use some of the other illustrations too. Needless to say your name and info are attached to the drawings.
    Many thanks once again.

    • Jess Jess says:

      No problem, this is why i made the diagrams especially to support coaching and teaching. As long as you’re not publishing the booklet and selling for profit and i don’t mind at all =). Best of luck with your coaching! =D

  39. Avatar shafi says:

    Hy jess

    many many thanks to you for your nice illustration. I am a beginner. and want to learn. luckily i got this site. this help me to learn some small but valuable tricks.

  40. Avatar Joben says:

    Hi Jess, love your illustrations.. would like to inform that I’m planning to use some or all.. (if you have more do let us know.. hahaha) for my archery lessons with the kids in my club.. also considering to use some in other lesson versions as well.. will definitely give credit to you as these pics are awesome! ..thanks a million :)

  41. Avatar Tom says:

    Thank you for sharing your archery drawings as they help this 77 yr old Grandpa explain things to my 9yr old grandson who us showing an interest in archery. It has been about 50 yrs since shot my bow but never to late. Went from a 45# draw to a 29# draw, guess I’m not quite as fit as I used to be. LOL

    • Jess Jess says:

      No problem glad to help! And no shame in dropping lb… I had an injury not even in my upper body and I dropped back down from 32 to 20 and that wasn’t over 50 years only a few months it’s very easy to lose strength =). Yah have fun

  42. Avatar Schalk says:

    I will definitely make use of them at our archery club. Thanks a lot. It looks great and very helpful.
    Greetings from South Africa

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