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Here is my illustration portfolio. [Designer Toys] are now my main focus, however my entire practice continues to steam from my illustration. Creatures are a current area of interest for me. I especially enjoy my Texture Monster series taking inspiration of plants and urban spaces/human made objects. I favor ink & watercolour (or markers for quicker works) or digital.

Creatures & Fantasy


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Thought Provoking

While drawing cute things is fun, the contemporary artist in me still seeks meaning and commentary where I need to explore a bit deeper.

Mad Scientist Cat (2016 – 2017)

Mad Scientist Cat was an occasional web comic that I collaborated on with my husband who is an academic researcher and neuroscientist. You can read the comic here: Mad Scientist Cat

Learn Thai books 1 & 2 – Illustrations, Design & Typesetting (2011 – 2013 & 2014)

I illustrated the education book “Learn Thai – Through Stories, Grammar & Exercises” books 1 & 2 by Thai adoptive mum Karine Jones (Kawee Publishing) who is the creator/writer. Karine has self published both books and so I ended up developing the main characters, drawing all imagery in the books as well as designing and typesetting the whole them all ready for a commercial printer along with designing the publishing [Logo] and audio CD labels. After working on these books I knew I wanted to illustrate full time moving away from community & design work.

Publishers: kaweepublishing.com
See my blog posts about the books here:
[Learn Thai – Book 1 – by Karine Jones illustrated by Jessica Emmett] and [Learn Thai – Book 2 finally published!]

Archery  Beginners Recurve Diagrams (2014)

In 2014 I released a number of archery diagrams free for personal & noncommercial use. They are now widely used diagrams globally. A huge thanks to the archery community for their supportive and heart warming feedback. You can see and download the original diagrams (including print quality) from my original blog post [Archery Beginners Recurve Diagrams].

Adopted the Comic (2009 – 2013)

I created it initially for a fun community project and I was joined by the writer Bert Ballard. To my surprise, it was embarrassed by the adoption community. The comics have been previously used for a variety of reasons including adoption training/teaching programs, magazines and even as part of a film’s publicity (in this case for Somewhere Between film documentary about Chinese Adopted teens).

You can see all the comics at www.adoptedthecomic.com