[ Illustration ]

Here you’ll find selection of illustration works. [Designer Toys] are my main focus, however my entire practice continues to steam from my 2D style. I am know for my cute creatures and “Texture Monster” series taking inspiration of plants and urban spaces/human made objects. I favor ink & watercolour but I equally enjoy other traditional mediums & digital. In 2021 I learnt [3D] sculpting which has been an amazing bridge between my illustration and designer toys!


Illustration Concept Sketches

Most of my work starts as a rough sketch! I feel it is very important to show the rawness of creativity. On many occasions the flash of creative inspiration hits me during this stage! Here are a a few examples of how some of my character concepts started.

Illustration & Toy Competitions & Awards

Mad Scientist Cat (2016 – 2017)

Mad Scientist Cat was an occasional web comic that I collaborated on with my husband who is an academic researcher and neuroscientist. There was a time in my life i wanted to make comics and it was after this I realized while it was fun I didn’t burn with passion for it! And that surprised me! But what I did like about comics is the story telling and accessibility. I continue to tell stories and share ideas through my art! You can read the comic here: Mad Scientist Cat