[ Designer Toys ]

I completed my first resin design toy (unicorn) in 2017 and I’ve be making cute creatures since! I went full time toys in 2019 but still do some [Illustration]. My designer toys are hand cast in resin and hand painted in limited numbers and available on my eshop or at events. Up coming products, events & (rare) commission slots are first announced on Instagram.

Tethera Trisheepi (working title) (2020 – Current)

Inspired by my hometown Skipton, UK because it means “Sheep Town”.

Lleafi (2019 – Current)

Lleafi the leafy llama! First piece to reflect my illustration style.

Draffi (2019 – Current)

Draffi the dog giraffe! I wanted to make a toy that was more like a “platform” allowing me to take it in many directions while having a shape true to my artist voice.

Spirit Scrappy Cats (2019 – Current)

The masters were originally made from the scraps of left over resin putty and generally cast with the left over resin.

Customs (2019 – Current)

Customs are toys by other designers that I then customize. Usually this are made for custom shows, but sometime I just enjoy doing them.

Unicorns (2017 – Current)

While unicorns were initially only made as a way to learn mold making and resin casting, they ended up going a lot further and what I cut my teeth on. But moving forward I’m keen to work on my own creature designs =).

Events, Talks & Activities

Click on the images to find out more details.

Freelance Work

I occasional do freelance work on other projects =)

Behind the Scenes

I love sharing work in progress, behind the scenes and casting videos on Instagram and occasionally on YouTube.

Merlions & Manticore (2018)

I made the merlions as my heart is defiantly in Singapore!

Polymer clay Charms (2014-2016)

I use to make individual charms and become known for my panda. I no longer make charms in favor of resin designer toys. But I left these up as they really did inform on current work.