[ Designer Toys ]

I completed my first resin design toy (unicorn) in 2017 and I’ve be making cute creatures since! I went full time toys in 2019 but still do some [Illustration]. My designer toys are hand cast in resin and hand painted in limited numbers and available on my eshop or at events. Up coming products, events & (rare) commission slots are first announced on Instagram.

Kattessy (2020)

Once upon a time a cat & a panda fell in love. Their bound so strong their souls merged and they forever became one. The character was created to celebrate my 20th ani. with my husband.

Trisheepi (2020)

Inspired by my hometown Skipton, UK because it means “Sheep Town”. Work in progress.

Lleafi (2019 – Current)

Lleafi the leafy llama! I was keen to move away from unicorns and make toys that more reflected my illustration style and voice and lleafi was the first sculpt I did with this in mind. A very critical & key piece in my career.

2020 – lil lleafi launched

2019 – Lleafi launched

Draffi (2019 – Current)

Draffi the dog giraffe! I wanted to make a toy that was more like a “platform” allowing me to take it in many experimental directions while having a shape true to my artist voice.

2020 – First pieces watercolour, dip pen & multi media techniques used

2019 – Draffi & Draffi pup lunched

Spirit Scrappy Cats (2019)

The masters were originally made from the scraps of left over resin putty and generally cast with the left over resin.

Customs (2019 – Current)

Customs are toys by other designers that I then customize. Usually this are made for custom shows, but sometime I just enjoy doing them.



Unicorns (2017 – Current)

Unicorns are what I was first known for. Initially only made as a way to learn mold making and resin casting but they ended up my first main designer toy! But moving forward I’m keen to work on my own original creature designs =).


2019 – 6″ unicorn launched


2017 – 3″ Model A & B unicorns launched

Toy Freelance Work

I occasional do freelance work on other projects =)


Misc. Toy Projects


Merlions & Manticore (2018 & 2020)

I made the merlions as my heart is defiantly in Singapore! Plus made some manticores.



Events, Talks & Activities

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Behind the Scenes

I love sharing work in progress, behind the scenes and casting videos on Instagram and occasionally on YouTube. Here are just a few samples below:

Polymer clay Charms (2014-2016)

I use to make individual polymer clay charms and become known for my pandas. I no longer make charms in favor of resin designer toys. But I left these up as they really did inform on current work.