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Announcement! Due to circumstances outside of my control, I will be closing my business down until further notice! Basically I can’t take work on projects where i take payment. I will continue to work on personal projects/charity projects. Like before, I only consider a few toy custom shows or collaborations each year but might be a little more picky if I do them for charity. Thank you for your understand. To read more about this please see my IG posts here:

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  • Are you leaving toys/art?

I am NOT leaving toys/art, rather that I’m adapting to a situation beyond my control. I will continue to do art in the capacity I am able as art is here my heart is. I will look into other legitimate options and hope you are able to still follow my art journey on social https://linktr.ee/jessica_emmett

  • Availability?

As of of Oct 2022, until further notice I will no longer be taking on paid work. I will instead focus on personal projects and projects/collabs where my share will go to charity. So I will consider choice charity projects =)

Until further notice my eShop will be closed. Any charity projects I take on will likely be 3rd party. I always announce on Instagram of any releases or drops!

  • Do you make toys for others?

I often get asked if I’m open to making art toys for others and unfortunately I don’t offer molding, casting, 3D sculpting or 3D printings services to others unless I am directly collaborating on a project.