[ Adoption Art (archived) ]

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This section of my website is archived. I have left it up only as a resource for people with an interest in adoption art.

Originally I was very resistant to the idea that adoption ever affected me. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I started to realise being transracially adopted shaped who I was! To deny that was to deny who I am. You can read about [My Adoption Story].

I explored the very ideas of what constitutes a family, race, identity and diaspora. One of the stumbling blocks I have faced is that up until 2008, I only had my own point of view and felt that my work was becoming stagnate. I actively sort out & connected with other adoptees and others in the adoption communities. While I no longer do contemporary work, i still continue to explore personal themes in my art even if it’s in a pop culture context. I hope that you find the adoption art I’ve shared here thought provoking.