[ Crafts & Products ]

I occasionally design or craft products both to sell myself at events or for clients. I make items available first on Instagram & FB then occationally on my Etsy store: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JEpandas or you can just [Contact] me directly if you’d like to buy or discuss a commission. I usually take payments via PayPal but can make other arrangements within Singapore.


Designer Toys

I have discovered a love for making small sculptures. In 2017 I launch a line of completely handcrafted resin designer toy unicorns. I am slowing add new sculpts.

I normally sell toys at events but occasionally I’ll open up commission slots which I announce on my Instagram & FB .


In 2017 I launched a range of acrylic keychains. If you’d like to buy or pre-order a design please do contact me. S$ 10 SGD each + delivery but please check for current price.


In 2018 I created these pins. S$ 15 SGD each + delivery but please check for current price.

Printed & Original Art Hand Drawn Badges

As I have started to do more traditional art, I have started to make original art badges pressing them directly into badges. I like to use Copic markers and watercolour. I also do also make design for printed badges too.

T-shirt Designs

Here are some of the T-shirts I’ve designed both under my own label and some I’ve been commissioned to do. Hopefully I’ll will be adding more =). If you are interested in a custom designed t-shirt, do not hesitate to [Contact] me.

JE Tees logo

I have a very limited number of Panda Robots or Goth Panda t-shirts left. Please email me directly if you’re interested. See how the Robot Panda t-shirt was made on blog post [My visit to October Textiles Ltd – a UK t-shirt printing specialist].

Polymer clay Charms (2014-2016)

I use to make individual charms and become known for my panda charms. I no longer make charms in favor of resin designer toys.