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Posted on May 28th, 2009 at 11:40am

So while I’ve been thinking about my touring film in Touring Trans-cultural Adoptee Films I really been thinking about adoption in films & tv. I admit, I watch way too many TV shows, especially cheesy TV shows from the USA. When I was younger adoption on tv or films was like Anne or Oliver, or just used as “dramatic” effect when a soap couldn’t think of a new storyline.

But I’ve been really impressed with some of the TV shows I’ve been watching lately that have been aimed at younger people. One Tree Hill has a subtle theme of adoption & fostering all the way through it, and one of the main chrs has always known she was adopted. Also the new 90210 has a main chr who is transracially adopted and there continues to be themes of adoption from every angle woven into the writing. Of course adoption is still used to get dramatic stories lines, but the reason I’ve been impressed with modern tv is that they are handling the storyline and reactions with a much more realistic and more true feeling of adoption then back in the day of Anne. There is even a whole show where the main chr is a pregent teenager (The Secret life of the American Teenager).

It’s also interesting to see who different film industries treat adoption. I watch a lot of Asian Dramas (mainly Japanese) and pretty much there is always something who finds out their are adopted. But it is hard to filter the drama from the true cultural reflection.

At the end of the day, I will watch most tv shows with a pinch of salt and I dont take offensive to even the silliest of adoption storiesline. But I say well done and hell yeah to bring more realistic view of adoption into main stream tv =).

[Added 13-10-2011]

More to add to that list of mainstream shows that are doing a good job are:
– Switched at Birth – About two first mistakenly switched at birth at the hospital. One of the best shows I’ve seen that really get into the nitty gritty of emotions about being adopted and family.
– Life Unexpected – About a kid that finds, than relives with her birth parents.
Modern family – One family have adopted from Vietnam. It’s defiantly not a realist portal of adoption, but I think it’s the first thing I’ve watched in a long time that makes me laugh about adoption, which is a great and rare thing. Plus the whole show is a really funny and some what true look at family life in general =D.

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