[ Idea a Day 9 – Man Trapped in a Tree ]

Posted on August 16th, 2013 at 1:33am

Sometimes i really have to just do something serious and take a break from cute and cuddly lolz. Today again I find myself drawing on paper, i guess it’s cos it feels quiet novel again. I did colour it roughly on the computer. There was no real reason that I did this piece… i just started doodling, and i though, Oooo that looks like a branched hand… maybe if i make it a hand from someone who was tapped in a tree… and kinda just went from that small seed of an idea.

So tomorrow is the last day… wonder what I’ll do.


  1. avatar Jamie Day says:

    Beautiful image! Can I use this as a symbol in a somewhat philosophical article about truth? I’m trying to express the idea of truth being misinterpreted as constrained by context. This seems to capture that well!

    I’m not a writer or anything like that, just had some thoughts and thought I’d write an article on the web about them :)

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