[ Idea a Day 8 – Cute 3 Headed Dog sketches ]

Posted on August 14th, 2013 at 9:18pm

Yesterday sparked a lot of ideas for me. I wanted to explore one of the ideas in more detail, so I picked the three headed dog.

It’s been tough being this level of creative every day and it took me a long time to actually start drawing today. I started doodling on my tablet as i normally do, but just wasn’t feeling it. The tablet suddenly felt very small and unnatural. So for the first time in ages I decided to to draw on paper. I’ve done a painting not that long ago, but not sketches really as I’m digital. It was very liberating and refreshing. I definitely miss the undone button, but just had to use a good old eraser. There is a simple beauty and simplicity about using a pencil and that texture is really hard to replicate on the computer. Though over all i can’t stand the scanning process as you end up scanning a lot of unwanted paper texture.

Either way it was a great day of drawing. Some how i managed to get a lot more out on paper than if i’d done it on the computer. So these are the two A4 pages I did plus a photo of my workspace… my sofa and on my lap with my computer next to me is normally how i work lolz =P.

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