[ Idea a Day 7 – Cute Mythical Creatures ]

Posted on August 14th, 2013 at 12:17am

There was a lot about yesterday’s drawing that I latched onto today. When a was growing up, doodling in school, i often found myself drawing fantasy art. I was discouraged by my art teachers against it as they said it was “not real art”. So now looping around, i still find myself drawn to fantasy worlds… and why not? =). But i’ve only started to marry together fantasy with my cuter illustration style…. i like the effect.

I often draw dragons, something about how cross cultural a dragon is. So today I wanted to try and draw creatures I’ve never tried before. It was harder then i thought to find mythical creatures that tend not to be humanoid or half humanoid and well known (rather than me just making it up)…. and why are horses way harder to draw than they should be hahaha!!?? I’m happy with the direction of the style and I’m really enjoying drawing creatures.

Another reason I liked the dragon sketches from yesterday is that there was a great relationship growing between the boy and dragon. I wanted to see if I could recreate that with new charters that reflect the creature. Even though these are just cute little drawings, i do put a lot of thought into it. And one of the main reasons for doing this idea a day exercises is to see if I can come away with some ideas I can start to develop, possibly into a story. I have ideas bubbling after todays task.

I put the time in today to try and have a more finished piece, so I hope that you enjoy my griffin, unicorn & three headed dog =).


  1. avatar marika says:

    This picture is the best it is soo cute.

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