[ Idea a Day 6 – Dragon & Boy Sketches ]

Posted on August 12th, 2013 at 9:36pm

I’ve reflected deeply over the weekend on last weeks drawings. Last week I felt that i did a lot of things that were challenging and things I needed to get some practice on, but it didn’t give me much focus on my current illustration style. I started to contemplate what was successful last week and what wasn’t. For me the panda worked the best, it was cute and in my style. The rest of the drawings didn’t do getting my excitement up.

So today I felt I needed to do something that reflected my actual work style better. While it’s nice to do serious stuff, really my work works well when it’s cute. I also feel that I like drawing animals/creatures. So with that in mind I do something that is very me… a dragon. So today’s lesson is that it’s good to own you’re style and artist voice.

This is a sketch with a very quiet grey shade.

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