[ Idea a Day 10 – Panda, Girl & Fireflies ]

Posted on August 16th, 2013 at 11:06pm

So this i the last “Idea a Day” challenge. I originally start this just to see if i could come up some ideas and regain some focus… but I have discovered way more than I expected.

– I got a sense of my illustration style and that doesn’t mean that I have to just draw in one technique or subject every time.
– I learnt a lot about my limitations and expectation which isn’t a bad thing.
– I have learnt a great deal about how to come up with ideas when you’re stuck or having a block… usually in form taking a quick walk outside or removing myself from my workspace… most of all being open to taking inspiration from everything.
– I’ve rediscovered good old paper and led… to a point that I bought a new scanner this morning to replace my 10 year old one. =P Still not a fan of cleaning up scanned images, but surprised at myself who normally solely works digitally could want to work on paper again!
– I have experimented with a lot of new ways and technicians.
– AND i have loads of new ideas floating around in my head that I feel I could go on to develop.

So here is my last Idea a Day illustration, I wanted to start where I begin so revisited the panda and girl characters. It was sketched on paper using a HB pencil, scanned and coloured on the computer. I hope that I do one of these challenges again in the future =). Thanks everyone that has followed me little art adventure =).

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