[ Commercial Photography ]

I studied BA Photography and mainly used photography for my early conceptual work. I like to use natural light over artificial light. I rarely do commercial photography, but photography certainly helps my [Designer Toys] work and work in progress documentation.

Below are a couple of examples of my freelance photography. You can also see a lot more of my general non-commercial for fun photos in the [General Photography] and [People Photography] sections of the website.


BabyLab – Lab Photos (2009)

  • Research Group
  • Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University

I was asked to take photos of their BabyLab experiment rooms, surrounding locations and mini story series for their publicity & website. The aim of the photos was to help parents of participants and potential participants see what the experiments would entail and how to find the building. I was also asked to digitally correct another set of photos taken by one of the researchers to make suitable for display.

Chris Emmett – The Dust of a Journey (Folk Music) CD inserts (2007)

  • Musician
  • North Yorkshire

In this case, it does help having a daughter that is a photographer. I photographed and designed the CD & inserts for my dad’s folk music CD. The brief was to take a natural and simple portrait for the cover with photos of instruments my Dad owns.